I am a freelance writer in the greater Rochester, New York area offering insights on a variety of subjects even down to the most mundane things thanks to living a varied life. 
go to Kay Thomas writer for a complete listing of my credentials.

  • In addition, I offer my unique wordsmith skills to small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs. I have the capability of making a business look polished in print and on social media sites. 

  • My first professional job was as a newspaper reporter and editor at the age of thirteen when I published "The Lincoln Street Gazette." It was a neighborhood newspaper that I kept operating for several years until I left for college. It was there that the passion for writing began I believe. The two cents that I earned for each copy of the paper I sold was not as important as how happy I had made my subscribers. 
  • As an elementary teacher for over thirty years, I taught writing skills to hundreds of students. I loved mentoring them as they found their own voices.

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