Saturday, December 2, 2017

Finding the comfort in comfort foods

    From the rocky shores of Lake Michigan to bucolic Perkinsville, NY, folks are serious about food in their lives. This time of year is no exception.
    Again, I appealed to my Facebook fans, and asked them to mention a food that made them joyful and over the moon happy.
      I held my breath afraid that this idea might be overkill. After all, I had written a successful column, Weird Things that Make Adults Happy, earlier in the summer. I should leave things alone. Apparently, I will never learn.

      However, it wasn’t but a minute later that I received my first response. Another one. And another post.
     I was on to something. Social media ceases to amaze me anymore.
     In most cases a reader mentioned one food. Some couldn’t leave it at that, though, and the mere suggestion of eats got them writing memories of favorite family members and places. Others have special dishes found only at specific places. I received pictures, too, posted with thoughts.
     I left each post exactly as written for the individual language says so much, too.
      In no particular order – There’s one from our own Livingston County editor mixed in the list – enjoy and if nothing more, you’ll grab an idea of what you might dream about tonight.

Homemade soup, yum. Our nephew once said, "Soup is very welcoming.” We made soup often, and always have it ready to heat up when guests arrive. My second favorite food is ice cream, with Turkey Hill All Natural Salted Caramel my favorite among the choices at Wegmans.

I could say anything I don't have to cook..LOL My weaknesses are brownies, pasta, smoothies from Caffe Far Bella in Saint Clair Shores and a good cup of coffee.

Thanksgiving stuffing--my brother has perfected my mother's recipe.  Barring that, grilled cheese and tomato soup. So lame.

Spaghetti and meatballs is my all time favorite food.

Hands down---Ma's cold meatloaf, thick cut on Dill Rye slathered with Hellmann's mayo and the sharpest cheddar cheese (white---no orange cows) I can find. Sigh of delight and taste bud happiness. Secondary---meatloaf omelet with same rye toasted perfectly.

A good grape pie.

Ritz crackers with peanut butter and jelly. That's my easy-to make go- to favorite. Nuthorns from my mother and milk.

Strawberry shortcake made with homemade biscuits and real whipped cream. It is always strawberry season on my birthday and that's what I always had instead of cake and ice cream. Recently found a restaurant that serves it just like when I was growing up. It's Our Family Diner in Retsof. Absolutely delicious.

Fruit cake spiked with anything left in the liquor cabinet and a tall glass of egg nog. A late Saturday night date with myself after working retail all day.

A food that is a seasonal favorite that only comes out once a year or that you only make for a holiday. Cider and donuts, Mom's fudge, frosted cut out cookies, the first grilled cheeseburger of the summer...I'm sure everyone can add to this.

My grandmother’s canned raspberries over vanilla ice cream. We would save these for a treat after or long trip back home in Pa. from Rochester. It was like having Gram right there with us.

Pizza burgers at the old Sugar Bowl!!

Pancakes with real maple syrup and fresh blueberries really take me back. The first time I tasted real maple syrup I was about 8 years old and we were having breakfast at the Toboggan Inn in Eagle Bay in the Adirondacks. Summer camping in the Adirondacks, chilly mornings, breakfast aromas of bacon sizzling, and pancakes -- I'm in heaven.

I love the Tom Wahls fish fry. My attachment is; when I was a kid living in the West Ridge neighborhood of Greece, there was a joint in the basement of the Ridgecrest Plaza called Charlie Vella's Restaurant. My folks didn't have much money in those days so it was a major treat when we could afford the Friday Night Fish Fry. Tom Wahls is almost exactly the same so every time I have one, I am reminded of some very happy days!

A treat with a story is La Florentine Torrone candy - when I was little visiting my grandparents, we would walk to the corner store filled with Italian meats, cheeses and aromas from heaven, and I was allowed to get one box of Torrone (placed way up high on the deli counter). It was a special memory of my visits; my grandparents have passed away but I recently heard that the corner store is still in operation. Wonder if they still have Torrone...

Black and white cookies! Soft cake like base with glaze icing that you can sink your teeth into. So...good...

Noble Pig's upside down apple pie... my husband bakes it for me with love.

Porcupine meatballs with tomato soup sauce (never fear, no animals were consumed in this dish LOL)

 Fresh wild-caught Alaskan salmon is my favorite food.  With that goes memories of ordering it everywhere I dined in Alaska where it was caught that very  morning. What a difference. (That’s my contribution.)

     Add yours to the list, too.

     There you have it.  Well-done, everyone. Bon appétit.