Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What makes me smile

Will and Kate are expecting Royal Baby #3. I told you that I was obsessed. 

A new character in my novel insists on speaking out. How dare him.

Of all my empty nesting friends, one couple saw the humor and went ahead and posted a picture of their front doorway without the kids on the first day of school.

My Florida and Texas friends are unscathed, and have a healthy respect for hurricanes. I can hear the relief in their voices.

The missing sock has no longer gone AWOL from the dryer and is found two days later clinging as if its life depends upon it to a t-shirt folded in the drawer. It’s found its sock mate.

My daughter is one year older, and I still feel like I am the youngest mother on the block.

After calling and calling to no avail, I discover the cat is hiding in the back of the closet watching over my shoes without a worry in the world.

Yesterday waking up to gentle rain on the metal roof invites me to stay in bed a few moments longer absorbing the peacefulness.

The best of show winner in the fall autumn tree category is an elderly maple down the road around the curve. It never lets me down. Now the walk back up the hill is another story.

My Tweet is retweeted twice. I don’t understand how virtual people find me. #Hastags I am told. I still don’t get it.

A neighborly cow photobombs me in a selfie on my walk past the pasture while all his cohorts lie on the ground “mooing” him on. The nerve of that herd.

Poking fun of my own writing like what I am doing here provides me with my morning grin. If I can stretch it out to a complete column, my sides will convulse in laughter.  I think I can like The Little Engine That Could.

The Bills win a home opener and all my dyed-in-the-wool friends who are fans revive their hopes for this year’s playoffs. Faith is an admirable quality in all circumstances.

I receive a handwritten note in my mailbox from a reader of AND ONE MORE THING… that loved the column, “A Fight With the Mailbox.” I chuckle and send her a reply to brighten her day.

SNL impersonations are a HUGE hit, and I mean Melissa McCarthy’s are the best of the bunch. She’s got style.

Repurposing for yard decorations

A third-grader in Florida has his dad video him doing live weather forecasts like an expert meteorologist and post to Facebook – a few professionals on the Weather Channel are pretty stupid hanging on in driving wind and rain - after Irma passes them by.

Sisters are notorious for one-upping their brothers with their quips, and it never stops no matter how old they get. It’s one of those things you come to expect in family life.

I am snickering while observing a middle-aged woman arriving at the town landfill dressed to kill. She deposits her two small plastic bags of recyclables before taking off to her social engagement. I stand there looking like a slob.

Just the thought of a chicken barbeque dinner makes me smile, and the aroma lingers long after, too. You know what’s for dinner at my house tonight.

A friend says that when she takes off her outfit and her clothes are not clean enough for going back into the closet, and yet not dirty for the hamper, she puts them on a bedroom chair. Yes, I have The Chair, too.

A toddler learns the art of language through his conversations about everyday things, and I hear a smidgen of it in the supermarket while he discusses the merits of fruits over veggies with his dad. Sweetness.

My car passes inspection. It is relatively new and has many more miles of work ahead.

A Danish author of mysteries, Jussi Adler-Olsen, scares me to sleep every night and the subsequent dreams are over the top. And that makes me smile, how?

Finding that I can speed down the highway listening on Sirius to a CBC station with chansons in French, and pick up on every six or seventh word after all that time away from the textbook, lets me sing like a lark.

I am able to wear short-sleeve shirts for a whole weekend of sunshine while sipping pumpkin spice coffee on the porch. My plan to bring in the houseplants can drop to the bottom of my chore list.

The headline on Twitter forces me to read it twice: “Call it an accidentally white wedding: A couple's nuptials at Burning Man, Nevada's experimental art festival, were left covered in dust and joy.” Apparently, a dust storm came up during the ceremony and the subsequent photos ware not your typical selection. Cheers to the flexible photographer who is able to go with the flow.

How many of you know that The U.S. Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787? If you are of a certain age, you may smile along with me. You learned that fact in history class along with your geography without a doubt.

I’ve often wonder when I am in a different time zone how many, many people in my home locale are up way into the wee hours of the morning on Facebook. Then again, what am I doing looking at FB and not out seeing the sights?

Life is made up of the little things. Let your smile beam brightly.