Saturday, June 3, 2017

40 weird things that make adults happy

       I wasn’t sure where I would go with this topic, or not. I asked followers on my Kay Thomas writer’s page on Facebook if they would be my guest and add their happy weirdness.
      Evidently, a struck a chord, and in one twenty-four hour period, I was good to go as a result of the conversation. That’s how this column came to fruition.
    I decided to leave the wording intact since it says so much about how individuals describe their feelings, including the exclamation points.
     To all of you who participated, thank you so much.  Obviously, you and I are compatriots in what makes us fulfilled as grown ups.
     When I read and reread this column in preparation for filing with the newspaper, I thought to myself that so many of your comments were such simple little pleasures that we all too often take for granted, too. A lot don’t cost any money, and others simply involve heightening our sensual awareness wherever we are at the moment.

    In no particular order, here is the list.  I put one or two of my own tucked into the grouping, as well, as the temptation was too great. Incidentally, I saved my husband’s idea for third from the end.

·      Gentle rain on a metal roof early in the morning.

·      Plans canceling and suddenly there is extra time.

·      Observing the freshly tilled soil waiting for that first plant.

·      Simple pleasures are the best - but good aromas truly take first place with me. Diffusers, body wash in the shower, clean - not too flowery smelling lotions are all comforting and remind me to breath deep and relax!

·      Opening a new book.

·      The scent of fresh cut grass, chicken on the grill, dogs barking and kids playing after a long winter. It's a shame so many southerners have never experienced this. Everyone should at least once.

·      I love being able to organize my desk after it's gotten especially messy. I also love being able to have my planner/desk calendar filled with appointments and such!

·     Collecting a coffee can full of loose change and turning it in to the bank before a vacation. Mad money.

·     Finding a designer label piece of clothing at the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

·    Making homemade applesauce in the fall and the aroma filling the kitchen is heaven. I can be dead tired and I still feel a lift of my spirit.

·   Coming in from swimming, taking off your suit, and getting into bed between the covers. Just as exquisite as skinny dipping!

·      I always enjoy new school/office supplies. There is something about a full box of sharpened crayons or an empty journal with a fun cover or a chunky pink pearl eraser...maybe it is the excitement of starting new or the endless possibilities ahead (or both)!

·      When a song from my youth comes on and I find I still remember every word as I sing along as loudly as my surroundings allow.

·      Having my dogs sleep on my bedspread leaving me little room to move and turn at night. I love those dogs too much to complain.

·      The first seed catalogs of the year and the first shoots from planted seeds.

·      Watching daily kid video updates on Facebook.

·      My cats purring while having coffee listening to the quiet sounds from outside through an open door.

·      Eating the corner brownie from the pan.

·      Having a cup of coffee by myself on the porch before anyone else is awake refreshes me.

·      The sense of smell is very strong. It can trigger memories tucked in your brain from childhood, or a smell from Grandma’s house.

·      Lining up my fly fishing lures during the winter and contemplating the first adventure of the spring.

·      My favorite: Pink Pearl Crayola. The off brands don't smell the same!

·      The smell of the air after a summer thunder/lightening storm.

·      The first sunny warm day of spring when I can hang my sheets outside and watch them blowing in the wind and then the wonderful smell when you sleep in them.

·      Buying a tub of onion dip and a bag of potato chips just on a whim for myself.

·      Picking up sticks in the yard in the early spring.

·      Buying yarn. More yarn. Hoarding yarn. Now I’ve lost track of what I own.

·      My grandmother's perfume Emerraud and her cooking. 

·     New car, simmering home made sauce, fresh tomato out of the garden, and my husband's musk cologne.

·      For me, it's all about the mindset. *If* my mind isn't totally racing thinking about things, then I notice the smell of the coffee beans etc.

·      Or weeding the flowerbed.

·      Salt air.

·      I can watch the hummingbirds come to my feeders on the porch for hours on end, and still each one is a unique gift of nature.

·       Writing with a nice pen.

·       Cleaning the lint from the dryer filter.

·  Receiving a bouquet of dandelions from my grandchild with her innocent eyes looking into mine.

·      The smell of a campfire.

·      The Combination: chipped ham, scrambled egg, cheese all on toast. A Pittsburgh memory. Hard to explain at the deli in WNY how to slice the ham – “thin enough to read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette through it.”

·      Coming home.

·      All of the above. Some of the above. No comment.