Thursday, May 18, 2017

Best new restaurant in the country- definitely

by Kay Thomas

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down to a meal at the FLX Table in Geneva. Check your Yelp or Trip Advisor reviews and you'll get an idea of what I  mean about this lovely little spot on lovely little Linden Street that everyone is raving about in national travel magazines.


FLX Table  website for more specific information.

It was a evening of suburb food, thoughtful wait staff and splendid conversation around the table with a group of folks that blended well together for the two-hour meal. 

Growing up I remember distinctly large family gatherings focused on togetherness sharing the bounty of the earth.  I got that similar feeling at FLX Table and it soothed my soul. Simple and elegant all at the same time. 

It was not only a special milestone birthday for one couple and a graduation from college party for another large family. For every single one of us, it was a celebration of local seasonal food, and with the passion of the chefs preparing each dish, we honored  the environment and its farmers. 

Note: I don't have pictures of the Starter course: A farmer's board of cheese, veggies, spreads and dips;  or the smoked polenta, 64-degree egg, truffle puree and foie gras
You get the idea, though, that each course was special. We were positioned to watch the meal being prepared in the kitchen area adding to the feeling of intimacy and belonging there.

Reservations required. Plan ahead.  

Waiting in anticipation always makes the heart beat faster. My reservation was made the moment a new set was made available online. 

Mushrooms, pickled oysters, lion mane, mistake, shiitake, black garlic and ramps
 I chose wine with my dinner and the pairings for each course were perfect in my opinion.

Buckwheat carrot cake, lemon curd, cream cheese, mint, olive and cashew
Lamb sausage, pee wee potato, black olive puree, seaweed