Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oh, what a life...a writer's, that is

The only way I am going to write a solitary sentence right now is to literally tie myself to my office chair and not let up. I am a wicked taskmaster. No coffee. No fruit. No excuses.  For if I don’t, I will go off wandering into other pleasurable activities far away from my writing work and free my mind of commas, periods and all that stuff.

But my muse is playing games with me like trying to rope in a hesitant baby calf for branding, and I realize that if I only force a few words to come on the computer screen begrudgingly, I will be on a roll once more for the morning corralling those sentences one after the other tied into first-rate stories.

Don’t get me wrong, reader. I do love to write, but like the greats, it can be painful work. 

Kay Thomas writer, check me out.