Thursday, March 31, 2016

Peeps are back in, or did they ever leave the candy aisle?

Other than getting a shaky sugar-high, eating a Peep is munching on emptiness. You get little worthwhile for your investment.  

Those pastel marshmallow Peeps are having a renaissance like Star Wars and hula-hoops. No longer just an Easter candy like when the business was established in the 50s, Peeps are found year round.
At least with the new Star Wars mania you can count on the force with you while shoveling down empty calories, getting a sick stomach and a mega headache from too many Peeps. 

As for hula-hoops, you shear the waistline down if you can handle hours of wiggling your hips. Certainly it is not an activity for compromised body parts in any way. Leave it to the grandkids, and show them pictures when you were in your prime. And eating Peeps, too. You know you did.