Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't let the little things lock you in

Stupid is as stupid goes.

You would just as soon forget your those mistakes, pratfalls and errors that shamefully pulled at you at one time or another.
You can be deft at blocking them from your memory. Until...

It is brought up at a family gathering around the dinner table and brings hours of entertainment at the expense of the mortified person. “You remember when so and so…"    more giggling. Howling. Pointing at your red face. 

Comedians play on stupidity. Candid Camera and America’s Funniest Videos are full of them. I marvel at people who can pass them off easily with a shrug. I suppose for money, anything is posible. 

-Wish I had that in me. It would be healthier. 

Only elementary teachers understand how many times kids fall out of their seats, and often for no apparent reason. A student might have gotten himself into a book, moved a bit and the next thing you know, the book is on the floor right with the reader. Usually a quick laugh and the child is good to go again.

If you are reading on to the end waiting for me to share my stupid mistakes out in public, you are very wrong.