Monday, September 14, 2015

Truth, or not?

At the very last minute…It is one of the better story starters I’ve run across and it has me baffled.

I start writing a few words, and in order to keep at it, the piece would turn into an untruth about me. That’s not non-fiction at all. You can’t make things up and get away with it for long before the reader catches on to your unsavory ways. Trust is lost and the reader returns to more reliable authors.

Perhaps, on the other hand, I have recalled a slice of my life that I don’t wish to share with anyone. The thought is hovering beneath the surface and is fighting to stay hidden. My books to date have been quite personal, yet there comes a point when privacy prevails.

At the very last minute I decide it is best to save that idea and use it in a fictional piece of writing. I will have the perfect story to tell you someday.