Thursday, September 3, 2015

Show me the proof

 September 3, 2015 and nothing new has changed in the appeal process. It’s frustrating. Very frustrating. The robbery occurred over four years ago to the month, although the lawyers have warned over and over that it would take time to settle up.

From my point of view – I am telling you that I am innocent of all charges – the whole situation has ruined my life. I can’t keep a steady job- not that I had the greatest job in the first place. My emotions are too raw and I can’t deal with the public. All it takes is one uppity customer, and I loose it. I don’t even want to tell you how my girlfriends have given up on me, and it feels overwhelming when I hear their reasons, which I probably shouldn’t blame them. Who wants to be connected up with a loser like me when I could end up in jail – I am innocent of all charges like I said before – and have to deal with all that mess.

It’s time to tell you what happened that fall and you can decide for yourself to stand with me, or not. Two masked men robbed the Super Convenient Store on Park Place on a Saturday night a little past eleven. I was working behind the counter. It had been a busy night and there was a lot of cash in the drawer, which is not unusual for a weekend. The boss would be coming in by around twelve-thirty to check on things and put the money in the safe in his office. The robbers were quick – “Give the cash and be quiet, Maury” – and held out a canvas bag for me to put it in. I couldn’t tell much about them, if they had guns or not, except they knew my first name. One wore a faded Carhartt jacket with frayed cuffs and the other a black sweatshirt with a Metallica picture on the front. They appeared to be in their twenties, if that, and not nervous or jerky. That’s all I told the policeman later.

There was only one witness, a guy in a Harley jacket, who hid behind the cooler during the robbery. I didn’t even remember him coming into the store, but apparently he was there observing it all. He’s my problem. He recalled to the investigators that I was too friendly to the robbers and since they called me by name, I must be part of their scheme to have given over the money so easily. The prosecuting attorney took it one step further and concluded that I had told them when the best time of week for a robbery for the optimal haul. Someone I hardly know – I think we went to high school together - stood up in court as a witness saying he had seen me hanging out with these robbers in a karaoke bar outside town a month earlier. So, I am now an accomplice to a crime I know nothing about.

You need to know something else about me that I have been holding back. I didn’t want to loose your sympathy for my plight so early on in the story. I have an armed robbery arrest in my background and served jail time as a teen offender, and that crime I will admit I did commit. The one other guy with me when we robbed the hardware store has not fared so well, and he has been in and out of jail.  I paid my dues, cleaned up my act and now a paying job in a small store is where I was on that dreaded night when my life unraveled.

I will wait it out. I have the truth on my side this time.