Sunday, September 27, 2015

Colleagues ponder the creative life


     “You hide things within your writing, don’t you?”
     A colleague raised that question during a conversation between two other creative people.
     That’s a deep thought. I am still wondering about it hours later considering the nature of my latest non-fiction work.
     I had a reply at the moment.
     “Often I do to be truthful. If you know me, you might pick up on it – my belief system, for example, frames my work. Then again, my thoughts could be buried so deeply I have a hard time finding them myself.”

     Well-crafted writing can be read at different levels like peeling away the skin of an apple, and also, from totally different perspectives. There is the surface understanding, or skin, that can fool you with its simplicity. Deeply rooted are the juicy gems of wisdom at the core waiting for a reader to capture and ponder if they so desire.