Sunday, September 13, 2015

A few thoughts on chain restaurants

     The waiting line at The Olive Garden wraps around the corner, and it is 3 o’clock in the afternoon. No matter what the hour of the day, a customer can never find a table, whether they are in Dallas or Rochester.
     Someone wrote an observation on Facebook about not “getting it” and went on to say that she was feeling a bit overwhelmed on a rainy day visit with friends to The Olive Garden for the very first time.
     Perhaps, folks feel comfort going to a chain restaurant where they know what to expect without much thinking on their part like repeating a habit. It fits in with their overall personality.
     Branding has succeeded and consumers living at a frantic pace can be served a decent meal for a nominal price every single visit. The place bustles with an atmosphere and décor that looks identical everywhere, too, which reassures people that in some things nothing changes, which is so rare in the world today.
     Going to The Olive Garden, or any other chain restaurant for that matter, is a simplistic approach to dining. It's not what I would consider adventuresome eating at all, but who am I to say what others should do? (My personal likes vary from ethnic meals to gourmet farm-to-table).

     Certainly I am not giving The Olive Garden a negative review here either. They have done their research well and attract the clientele suitable for their purposes.