Monday, August 24, 2015

A longterm friendship

Two women of middle age have everything and nothing in common. They like each other and condemn each other without communicating their thoughts as if a spoken word would shatter the friendship. 

All of the woman’s housekeeping is perfection, and her guest observes it is quite evident that there are no dust balls in the corners of the living room and the pictures frames are spotless like looking glasses, except that she doesn’t pay the same attention to her own self. It’s hard to imagine that the woman's teeth are yellowed from years of cigarettes and she hasn’t spent the money to have them professionally whitened. Maybe she polishes her mirrors but doesn’t take the time to examine herself closely for a stray wisp of a hair coming from her chin or tiny hairs protruding from her nostrils. 

The guest is quite the opposite in nature, and is immaculately attired and spa-cleansed, yet her own apartment is a disaster in sanitation. She thinks nothing of living in her mess and clutter, and never wonders how the neat woman manages her visits without a remark.