Sunday, August 9, 2015

A few thoughts on weddings

Eggshell robin blue was the color of her wedding suit, and perhaps, it was a foreshadowing of how the marriage would be in real time like a teetering tightrope walk high above a cliff until one or the other falls off in shame and defeat.

“Here comes the bride; all dressed in white.” That’s not always the case and the myth of wedded bliss along with it.

You don’t know any of this when you are young, vulnerable and think yourself into believing fairytale love is forever. Too many expectations from society taint the truth about life’s realistic give and takes. All the white tulle, floral bouquets and wedding processionals of the grandest of affairs are a sham without a deep, mature commitment from both parties.

It’s a priceless union if it is meant to be, or it can be a disastrous state of affairs, when there are lies and deceit between two selfish people.

The simple ceremony in a wooden country church on a back road where family and close friends pull up their cars onto the grass and celebrate the union of a couple is just as magnificent as the city wedding in a cathedral where several hundred acquaintances awkwardly sit guilty of their holy sins welcoming the newlyweds in fashionable designer outfits. The bride rides in on horseback, or she comes on the subway, is immaterial to her attitude and the groundwork she has established in her relationship with her partner.

Like the marriage that went bad, she hung the eggshell robin blue wedding suit up in a sterile plastic garment bag out of sight, and moved it from place to place for several years, until finally one day it got tossed into the Salvation Army bin devoid of any sentiment. It was time to be prepared for the proper husband to enter into her life. 

“Marching to thee; Sweet love united for eternity.”