Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring-ing outward

 I don’t remember the last time it happened. Certainly, not since the brutal winter where running back and forth between my car and the house with my head buried down into my quilted coat became my short sprint out into the world.

Maybe it is a spring phenomena.

 Last week it happened three different times. And I made space for it, too. That’s the most important part, and mostly why I am sharing this with you as a reminder to value impromptu situations. 

I was on Main Street when I came across an old friend walking in my direction that I haven’t seen in ages. We stopped. Talked. Deep down it felt good, and I believe it was mutual in a manner of speaking. Certain things you just know. Neither of us looked at our watches for we were engaged with each other. We checked up on our adult kids’ whereabouts, our spouses and how our health was treating us.
We wondered aloud if the art of taking extra time to talk face-to-face is lost. So much of our connections are by emails, cell phone and texting that the personal one has all but been lost.

Cars went by, and so did other people rush along thinking that there’s a couple of old retired folks killing time. If the truth be known, it was the best use of my day.

Not much later, I saw a friend going into a store and I followed him inside. It was another case of it being ages and little contact, and we needed to catch up with each other. An hour later, and I was on my way feeling much happier for the opportunity.

Friendships are built on it. We need our support networks.

The third time a few hours later I was walking down my rural road and I spotted a neighbor pulling out of her driveway that I normally don’t see during the winter. Somehow warmer weather brings everyone out, and we both talked about the exciting neighborhood news spotting a bear and four cubs.

 Springtime opens us outward once again after a dormant winter spell.