Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The long and short of an answer

The good news for me is that I have caught up with all my writing assignments – insert applause here - and today I can play around on the computer guilt free without a deadline hovering over my head. I am as giddy as a schoolgirl with the wisdom of an adult thank goodness.

The bad news is that I am flittering away my morning on useless stuff in hopes that something- anything- will inspire me and trip my wires in order to be ready for the next round of work.

In the meantime, I am participating in a Facebook private live jewelry auction on an event page, and simultaneously taking a quiz on my knowledge of contemporary British monarchy. I’m being outbid in the auction, and I am sensibly stepping aside to watch until the final hour. As for my blueblood connections, obviously I have none. I “liked” dozens of posts, wished five friends “Happy Birthday” greetings and found three other dates I need to get on my calendar for next month.

The best news of all is that I discovered an old piece of writing sitting in a folder on my desktop that is timeless, wittty and descriptive of a human condition. I am submitting it to a journal soon after a little freshening. 

Reality strikes a blow with the terrible fate of Nepal in cleanup and recovery, the issues in Baltimore and a couple trials in Rochester. I do honor all that, and won't forget those involved. Perhaps, it is time to reflect on those bigger problems and release mine into the wind.