Saturday, March 21, 2015

The eye of memory

There are as many versions of the tale as there were tellers.

Mrs.White remembers it happening in the spring. My mother says it was in the late afternoon in the summer when the Conklins' shaggy dog ran out into the road and there was a screech of tires on the Ford pick-up truck before the hit. Mr. Davis remembers a few remains of dirty snow on the edge of the road when he was hurrying out to the street to check on the whimpering dog. He says that it was in early April. The Conklins came out of their house with a blanket and the driver of the truck helped them gently move the dog to their car for an emergency visit to the vet. Mrs. Roache across the street on her porch continued praying. She fingered her rosary beads and exclaimed it was a miracle that the dog was alive thanks be to God. Everyone agreed on that one point.