Sunday, February 15, 2015

Snow day, slow down day

-7.4 degrees. Seriously.

The weatherman is accurate with the frigid subzero temperature and wind chill factor. Everything has ground to a halt, and being a Sunday, there is a different set of cancellations on the docket.

For an outdoor person such as myself, being forced to stay indoors requires slowing down and considering what could, or could not get accomplished within the four walls. I am going to live it differently today though, and move a little more at a snail's pace, contemplate and seek enjoyment without any negativism about the brutal Northeast weather situation. I'm off to a good start still in my fleece pajamas and hands wrapped around a hot cup of lemon tea.

Actually, last week I started a sorting and decluttering phase along with the light of the full snow moon, and it was my natural rthymic cycle of preparing for spring. How optimistic am I?

My advice to you is carve out a day that brings meaning to you and those in your life. Will it be a special pot of soup simmering on the stove all afternoon permeating the house with wonderful aromas? Or phone calls to friends and family in far away places? What about that book that never gets finished and is long overdue at the library?

Be brave. Stay warm. Slow down.