Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wintry day ramblings

It is frigid outside, that slap in your face arctic air kind. I have chores to attend to in town. 

If I wait until tomorrow, there will be no harm done except it might be a wise plan to start my car, let it warm up just in case I need to leave in a hurry for some unexpected reason. I have no idea what that might be, and I suppose that’s why you don’t plan for interruptions. 

The sidewalk must be shoveled for package and mail delivery along with anyone else that comes to my door. I don’t want someone to think that I am too lazy to keep the house up properly on the outside. 

It might be good just to face the music and do my chores today. A little fresh air and biting cold are not going to hurt me. The stuffiness of indoor air is drying out my nostrils and I have a cough from allergies. 

Staying indoors today means that I don’t have to get dressed and I can slop around in my old clothes without a care in the world. I bet I won’t accomplish all that much, though. 

Then again, a little conversation in town, as brief as it might be, is good for what the ails me. I can do idle talk as well as the next person. It would make me feel connected, and besides, I might find out a little interesting gossip. 

Best to get to it, take my shower and head out into wintry conditions. I’ll keep a positive frame of mind and won’t talk myself out of it.