Monday, January 19, 2015

Waiting for Takeoff

One man exclaims aloud that he has time to write his entire legal brief, send it to his law partners and have it returned amended before the plane takes off. The woman across the aisle offers to edit the document. The motherly lady behind them contributes candy bars to keep their blood sugar levels up. 

The flight attendant comes around with snack packages and drinks for sale, and more than the normal numbers of people purchase for fear that it may be a long time before they see food again. 

The kids in the middle row start a battle using the magazines in the seat pocket as weapons. The college student nearby drowns out the fight with music from his iPhone, texting all on his contact list and plays a game of poker on his laptop simultaneously.

Nobody may get up or the plane will loose its place in the take off lineup announces the pilot in his all American voice.
Just another day in a transportation hub.