Saturday, January 3, 2015

The power of a single person

All it takes is one rotten apple in the barrel. Or one naughty kid in a roomful of others.

That’s the truth. I’ve been there and done that in a variety of parenting and teaching settings. 

The scene is playing out in front of you in world news encouraged and escalated by a group mentality. Look at local coverage, and it is the headline of the evening news more times than you feel comfortable acknowledging.

That’s such a negative viewpoint when you consider how you really feel about the value of human beings on a whole. Above all, that rotten apple theory is a self-fulling prophecy. You assume the worst of someone and he, or she, will live up to it every single time.

Wouldn’t it be better to pay attention to the special gift of one small warm-hearted individual poking up his or her head performing a kindness that can brighten the lives of others? Like throwing a stone into the water and watching the ripples growing bigger and bigger, so can the power and boldness of one person set the stage for others to model positive behaviors.

Gandhi. Martin Luther King, Jr. Susuan B. Anthony. All were ordinary people that did extraordinary feats.

“A single ear of corn can produce a whole shed full of corn. –Ghanaian proverb