Sunday, December 21, 2014

A family heirloom tells a story

Elves come in and out of holiday decorating fashion. They’re back.
The younger generation believes that they have made a brand new discovery. Not so.

 Far into the distant past (I'll leave you to guess), my mother introduced me to the red elves and each Christmas the trio would be placed on the fireplace mantle with their arms and legs stretched in tricky bends outdoing the best of yoga moves. They were part of the magic of mistletoe and fir trees strung with popcorn and tinsel.

The elves were passed on to me, and I let my young daughter arrange them in different locations in the house. As she got older and only would come home occasionally, the last thing that she would do after her suitcase was packed, would be to move the elves like a Christmas prank. When I returned from the airport and I glanced around the house, a smile would come over my face when I spotted the elves in another spot. "Up to new tricks, huh?" That’s where the elves resided until I tucked them away for the next holiday season.

When I close the box in January, the three elves will have impish grins on their faces. May their year a head be as bright as my wish for you.