Sunday, November 30, 2014

A scribe for the lovelorn

Guys paid me to write notes to girls on their behalf. I made decent pin money, and I considered I was in a service occupation for the duration of my college days. Word of mouth from one frat brother to the next pretty much covered all the necessary advertising. At least, that’s how it got started, and I was shocked that a ghostwriter would be in such demand on a campus. 
Most of the notes were one, or possibly two carefully worded sentences, on a slip of paper that would get passed in class, or in the precious minutes after, if it were meant to signal a letdown. I didn’t handle that part, though, and remained anonymous. Not a sorority sister of mine knew anything, and it had to be that way to protect the privacy of all involved.
Once I stood in a group when a girl got a “You’re demanding too much time” note and I had to fake tears over my own clever words. I did smile to myself when I walked away, and felt that hearing the truth is best.
I never got carried away with my ability and I didn't advance to writing term papers. My ethics came into play strongly.