Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Kathleen Turner smile

     A smiling face lights up one’s presence as if to enlarge the aura inviting those close by to feel similar thoughts of beauty. It’s contagious like a germ on the handles of the treadmill waiting actively to be lifted off and passed around. Sometimes joy of expression pulls in someone on the peripheral of society unsure to join or retreat in the company of others.
     Take Kathleen Turner, the actor. A chance moment to cross her path in the audience at a Broadway show, and after the mere seconds of questioning, “is she, or isn’t she?” her signature smile at my husband and I confirm the truth. She is part of the crowd appreciating an evening out, and she still is not afraid to be recognized at a distance letting her glow be absorbed into the bodies of others. 
     The point I make is that the loveliness of a smile can do so much for mankind to shed the divisions running rampant through the streets of our minds, and acted out selfishly in our relationships.