Friday, October 3, 2014

Women travelers

Although most females would shudder at the thought, they can be categorized by their style of dress for travel. 

Type One: She is coordinated from head to toe from the latest expensive travel catalog as if her fingers have selected one of each from its pages. Her basic color scheme is usually tan, and she does not fuss about her appearance. Comfort comes first on a trip. She is an experienced world traveler, and exotic destinations are nothing that will threaten her. She'll sleep in a tent in Morocco, or on a mat in Viet Nam.

Type Two: She is dressy and color coordinated. Every outfit has a matching scarf. She goes the extra mile with jewelry, too. She often struggles with a suitcase or two crammed with extra clothing for "just in case" moments, although most never are worn. There’s high maintenance to her lifestyle, and she doesn’t bend when traveling.   She does best on river boat cruises where she only has has to unpack once.

Type Three: She wears better casual clothes from her home wardrobe. However, the telltale sign is that her shoes are not suitable for travel. She is the resort type and likes to be waited on. She is not used to a trip longer than six days, and changing locations is difficult. 

Type Four: She is an eclectic woman that wears travel clothes and sensible sneakers by day, but she can surprise you at night with a flowing knit dress and tiny flats for a fancy dinner. You almost don’t recognize her quick change artistry. She is in charge of her destiny and is not afraid of glamorous opportunities wherever she might land.