Friday, October 24, 2014

Love you to pieces

     “Love you to pieces” is stuck in my head. The phrase simply won’t stop spinning around like a broken record. I find myself using the term all the time everywhere.
     Surely, you have your own signature phrase.
     I close online correspondence to friends and family with it — henceforth in this writing “it” is how I will refer to “love you to pieces.”
     I say it as a term of endearment. I say it with discretion to any and all people that I care for in life.
    If I must say so, it is one of those statements like “lots of love” and #foreverloved that is well-worn without a whole lot of personalized thought going into it unless you are careful.
     Overkill. Probably, so.
     Portion control. Yes.
     One afternoon I drop to the couch in complete exhaustion. I can’t believe it but I have used it to compliment the UPS driver for his exceptional delivery during a rainstorm. Is that necessary? After all, he is performing his job well and a generic word or two of appreciation would be fine I am quite certain.
    That is right after I say it to the carpet service cleaning man who freshens my house for another year of living with a pet and his sensitive stomach. I am so grateful that I am beside myself. It feels quite nice to end the fall with the house in order. There is nothing like the finishing touch of a professional anyhow.
     Neither of them bat an eye, and apparently, they are pleased with my goodwill. I suppose it is better than a yelling or complaining customer. They must get their share of those on a daily basis. A desperate housewife? I rather doubt it from me. I get plenty of conversational opportunities elsewhere.
     Earlier in the day I tell my husband that “I love you to pieces” for remembering to pick up the dry cleaning without being asked. Perhaps this is a case where it is appropriate language for a loved one. It keeps us giving like a gift of a plant in a positive way providing I can keep it alive.