Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In my Western travels I am contented spending hours in a rock shop off to the side of the two-lane highway, or on a back street in a small mining town that I stumble on to by pure blessed accident. 
Often the owner is the window to the area, too, and like Karen in Keystone, South Dakota, I gather advice and minerals in one-stop shopping.  Healthy eateries. Sightseeing off the path. Wine and beer trails. She marks up maps furiously so I won't forget. 
Keystone was founded in 1891 with the discovery of gold-bearing quartz at the present location of Keystone Mine. It makes me laugh that a large gold vein was named, "The Holy Terror" after the locator's wife. 
I just might have shared an hour or so with her modern day counterpart. Compliment, or not? You be your own judge.