Thursday, August 14, 2014

Red in tempo

     The very first car I owned was a red Chevy Impala. I never bought a Chevrolet again. I never chose that color again. It was a flash in the pan decision celebrating my college graduation, and the salesman talked me into it before I knew it. I drove the life out of that Chevy Impala, and for that youthful period, it ended up serving me well with only one speeding ticket restraining my joy of flooring it in sixty seconds.
     I like fresh red cherries. The thought of pitting them makes me hesitate at the store and consider my decision, but only for a moment. My fingers remain sticky and stained while I indulge and linger with the sweetness of the fruit in my mouth. I never regret buying a pound.
    My friend’s neighbor went through a red light and totaled her car. She wasn’t focused on her driving, and in a split second, she nearly died. Luckily, she has recovered, but it has slowed down her pace of living immensely.
     It is hard to get timing right in life.