Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My best friend

     Blessed are those who can please themselves.  -South African proverb

     In other words, I am my own best company, a self-help uplifting thought, is a excellent approach to life at any age.
     Community and family remain within the circle that is critical to functioning well.  You need others. They make you a more empathetic human being as you engage together creating a better place in the world.
     Practice liking yourself and learning how to be attentive to the subleties surrounding you. It's a lesson that doesn't come easily to everyone.
     Once I sat for over an hour watching the sun come up through my living room window. The light shifted across the room and brightened any object it hit bringing it into better focus. How much dust had accumulated on the bookshelf could have stopped my whole experiment. I let it go and mentally thanked the road crew for working on the highway all summer bringing it back into shape for the winter ahead.  When I left my chair I was glowing inside and out from experiencing a slow moving awakening of a fresh morning. Never once during that hour did I think about all the chores, activities and phone calls I had to do. Instead, I thought about nothing whatsoever. Later in the day I felt a bounce in my step, a bit more energy and a bushel of optimism. Sure I had concerns for others, situations to get under control and more on my plate than was absolutely necessary. My attitude was positive, and I had stirred the flame of boldness within me. I kept my thoughts to myself, my own best friend.