Monday, August 4, 2014

A not so spoiled cat

     The round twenty-pound container of cat food is empty. It is down to one or two pellets rattling around when I shake it. There is a powdery coating of brownish grains in the grooves that I must clean before refilling. I buy the premium high-end dry food, and have it delivered from the online pet company. I wait for free shipping deals. The cat is worth it. I did a lot of research before selecting a product that has no corn, wheat or soy fillers. Instead, it is natural chicken, rice and cranberries.
     The cat eats dry food and a lap treat in the evening. At exactly 8 p.m., my husband opens the drawer of the table by his recliner and pulls out an old child-proof pill container used to keep kitty treats. The cat is way too smart, and he figured out how to open the drawer and pull out the bag of treats. He would bite into the plastic bag attempting to feed himself any time, especially when we weren't home in the evening. Measures became necessary to stop a bad habit from forming. 
     This morning the cat is back and forth underfoot in the kitchen because he hears me cleaning his container. I don’t know if he expects a handout or not. I will stick to my guns and not allow it.Who's in charge here?