Saturday, July 12, 2014

Exploring darkness

Growing up it wasn't uncommon for me to be crawling on my belly and giggled with my friends as we burrowed deeper and deeper into a small cave in the thick woods not far from the shoreline where we lived. I don't remember thinking a thing about it. Certainly I had no early warning signs of claustrophobia and scariness of the unknown.

The hours sitting on the front porch watching the lightning across Long Island Sound on a pitch black night were magnificent opportunities for nature's displays. How vast the universe. It was way beyond anything I could imagine and I realized then that I was just a speck in the larger world. The world didn't revolve around me and my little life at all. I was growing up and figuring things out sitting in the dark.

With more life experiences under my belt, things change and exploring in the darkness comes with more apprehension. It is time to break it down and make sense of it.

Often the way out is the same as the way in.

For safety, cavers understand that they must check behind them every few minutes to establish where they are at as it is confusing in the darkness. When it is time to return, they use markers they have left at crticial points to exit sucessfully.

The period of pitch darkness emotionally after a traumatic experience, death or illness is intended to be crawled through one tiny wiggle at a time until the lightness returns hopefully. How you feel and react during the difficulty is up to you, and it may be frightening or enlightening, or both for that matter. You just don't know what's going on. You have to have a little faith.  You show up day after day.

Transformation takes place in the dark.