Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Exercising my body and mind

 I would venture to say that where my feet take me usually my mind is ten steps ahead and beyond. Thoughts power stride in and out of my conscious realm, and sometimes it is best that I never know the difference. Fragments might last the entire hike; other times, I never remember a single shred of memory when I hit my porch.

The best bet for a dry fast walk on a potenitally rainy afternoon is strolling along with an umbrella for assurance. The fickle droplets never materialize threatening sky and all. 

About half way along my gait slows and I agonize if I am ever going to make the self-imposed three miles,  and I chastise myself something wicked for believing that exercise is a great healthy goal. It is, isn't it?

Wildlife abound on strolls where I pay attention to what's around my and not at my sneakers underfoot. The birds provide a better melody than my iTunes, and the cool breezes from the rustling branches help relieve the sweat pouring from my back. 

My pedometer announces I've made three-fourths of the walk and the end is possible now. My steps speed up and my emotions are much more hopeful. It is no longer a forced march.

Drinking from my water bottle. Stretching. Slipping on a light jacket. I'm good to go for another day.