Monday, June 2, 2014

Traveling the roads again

    You find yourself settling in with a view that is far superior to any from a travel brochure, decent park facilities - thanks, Canada - and a few random hours to snuggle with a novel listening to the crickets chirping. It's not for long, though. A group of us caravanned across the Maritime Provinces one summer in our RV's, and as we broke camp in the early morning, we played Willy Nelson's "On the Road Again" to put us back in the travel mood. There was a little bit of the wanderlust in his tune, and the excitement once more fired us up for the possibilities waiting. We had a lot of days on the calendar with no special agenda, and it became a huge memorable travel experience.

     I'm on the road again this plane, train, bus and automobile, and I will be watching how each mode of transportation might capture something to write home about:
  •   a "best" glimpse into traveling 
  •   a "humorous" account 
  •   a "frustrating" one that requires persistence, and a little tack
  •   a "surprise" that is completely over the top
  •   a "genuine" person I meet and have a bit of conversation
  •  a "getting lost" adventure      
     It's all in the way I observe, and what holds my attention in the short haul. Bits and pieces - smidgens - will come together long after the traveling is finished and I am back in my office.