Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's that all about?

     There's current dialogue throughout school systems and the media about bullying, and parents have a ton of information for arming their kids with strategies in handling situations that might arise.  It's not a new societal obstacle to overcome, for pushy, aggressive kids have been around forever. Each of us has had our share of brutes on the playground attempting to scare us into submission, and verbal threats on our way home from school. And if we are honest about it, unless their behavior isn't corrected in youth, they become the adult bullies, too, we all dread in the workplace and community.
     Recently a bully tried to wedge a knife into an organization that I belong to and cause friction among members. Nothing like having a volunteer group go haywire that simply is out to promote a worthwhile cause in the first place. Someone had to stand up and stop it. It was handled with the support of the others, and apparently the aggressor has moved on to do damage somewhere else. Word gets out though, and a person is characterized by his actions. Manipulative people seek out what they perceive to be weaker folks to walk over and push their agendas out to the front. In the case of this group, we will bond stronger and more unified as a result of our actions.