Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reflecting on surprises

Surprises come when I least expect them, and that is when I know for sure that life is precious. I have learned to wait patiently, and be ready to engage with whatever comes my way.

  • Like when I receive a phone call or email from a friend that I haven't heard from in months. We carry on like it is yesterday and confirm that old adage of less contact does not mean less love. It's amazing, and it has occured enough times that I am certain it is the truth.
  • Like when I look out my window and notice a fox and her young brood carefully walking the perimeter of the shed foraging for grubs. Mothers everywhere protect their young and prepare them for the eventuality of going it on their own. 
  • Like when I get a writing opportunity heading me in a direction that opens new avenues.  I am humbled all over again for the gift of written expression, and with the boldness of a lion I take on the project. That  gleam in my eyes is noticeable wherever I go for I have a renewed purpose. My best is still inside of me. How and when it will come out on the page will be a delightful surprise. 
  • Like when I hear from a former student from years ago, and realize that my influence is at work in him today. There is a remarkable bond between a student and a teacher which never disappears.
  • Like when someone close to my heart passes away and I struggle to lift up my eyes to hills to move forward. The unbearable days of mourning are a necessity for healing. Suddenly, the one quick surprise that takes me beyond to a promising future is a passage I realize that have lived through gracefully.