Friday, May 16, 2014

My brain's morning flooding

The unanswerable conversation running through my head like the torrential rain and flooding in the region this morning is leaving me anxious and unable to focus on the work blinking on my computer screen.

It was predicted. Flooding in low- lying areas. Perhaps, it is more severe than that, though, as I see pictures of street flooding and backyards snaked in rivulets of dirty water.

Surely, I am safe looking down at the tempest in the outer perimeter of my side yard for my house stands on a hill protected from such eruptions. That was the original purpose of building in this location. 

From my narrow perspective on the world all I see is the violent rush of muddy water pushing its way down the creek carving out wider paths with its intense force that it is beyond what any human could get under control.

I back away from the scene and go to the interior of the house resuming my normal morning activities. If I don’t pay attention, the rain will withdraw and the angry waters will be stilled. My mind will be cleared of debris and muck.