Monday, May 26, 2014

Certain walks are more remarkable than others

     I have never experienced seeing a brand new fawn wobbling on her tiny legs crying out to her nearby mother until this morning when I chose to walk unusually early and devoid of any electronic devices that normally force me onward to accomplish my miles. Today it wasn't about the pedometer. It was the natural wildlife image that will remain in my head forever.
     One of the untold pleasures of living in the country and being able to hike the peaceful roads is the surprise that might be in store for me at any moment. Bear. Red-tail fox. Perhaps, a cougar once.
     Scented smells of drying muddy earth and water dripping off the sloping field combine with delightful whiffs of lilacs and peonies filling my lungs with a total satisfaction from springtime.
     The doe watched me carefully from the meadow while her baby rested in the brush about one hundred feet from my path. It wasn't necessary to stay very long, and I didn't want the doe to feel any more nervous than she was there. I slipped away and stopped further along just listening to the sounds of the fawn. Mother had her parenting to do, and I needed to return home to tackle the garden's weeds.