Saturday, May 24, 2014

All things genuine

   The older I get the more I am eliminating the useless activities in my life and bringing my experiences into sharper focus. Maybe it is a sensible rite of passage that I am supposed to go through achieving a peaceful and contented stage of maturity.
     I reach for people that are genuine. They are quite easily spotted, and often they come rather naturally into my environment. There is no work in getting them to make a connection. They see in me what I am in the mirror. These unique human beings are the ones that cross boundaries in their relationships, exude love for those that matter to them, take risks at every corner and lead rich lives. They can't be pigeon-holed or molded from a cookie-cutter, and never are these friends always in my immediate space.

     All the activities and opportunities that I seek are ones that add a little more pleasure and joy into my daily world. I don't have to have a full calendar every weekend of the month, nor do I have to be going someplace. Often the traveling somewhere is right in the natural woods or fields outside my door where I am once again in awe of the seasons of nature. Other times it is the solitude at my computer where I bring up thoughts that must be put on paper, and the hours spill away being a friend to myself.

     I believe in randomness, too. And surprises. Learning to be open and attentive while using my senses has revealed many valuable secrets in places that I hold dear in my heart. Beauty comes in pain at the most unexpected of times and carries me forward confidently knowing that there is more of life on the horizon.