Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Word legos build the mind

     On a whim I bought a word poetry magnet box with all the proper intentions of using its contents to stimulate my thoughts. In  spare mements in my office I move parts of speech into uncommon placement for effect. It's a giant word game that I play with myself. Fewer words doesn't mean a lesser ability to explain oneself. 
     My tiny box of seventy-two "happiness" word magnets have been separated, arranged and rearranged many times on my white board energizing my muse within. I am delighted when snippets of beautiful phrases place themselves on paper effortlessly.
     This one works for today:
    Sunshine happiness is the positive warmth of my heart
     It is a half-full or half empty type of day. Outside it is raining cats and dogs, and later it will turn to an icy mix if not more. Sounds dreadful. Fortunately I made a big dent in cleaning up the gardens while the weather was better, and my plans will be to finish over the weekend. Inside it is cozy and comfortable. There’s plenty to do that I have been putting off for just such a day. 
     There may be no sunshine on the horizon. Mine is pouring forth in warm rays from within me.