Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There's more to come

     I am taking the glass half-full or half-empty theory and offering you another way to pour through its transparency: It's goodbye. Or, there is more to come.
     It is simply a fact of life that occurs over and over like the ticking of the old mantle clock. There is no way to avoid goodbyes. Well, actually, you can duck from the goodbye routine if you prefer to leave things open-ended. It works for folks that don't like to draw things to a logical conclusion with friends and acquaintances.
     Taking a few moments to thank those along your path who have influenced your quality of life, is appreciated by the recipient, too, making the relationship a two-way street. It is fine to look ahead. Take the last moments to appreciate the past, too. Then say goodbye firmly and with conviction.
     Someone will say that they are not good at going to funerals claiming that the necessary condolences and honoring of the deceased isn't important to them. It could be said that the family is depending on the kind thoughts from others to get them through the dark days, and you could be part of their healing. People don't want to face their own mortality either, and here lies the remains of another departed soul to cross off the list of earthy colleagues.
     A neighbor or a friend moves to another state. You say that you will come to visit, but you know that will never happen. The other person will get involved in a new life and probably won't come back making time to visit with you. Besides, if you do see each other again, it will never be exactly the same, and it shouldn't be. New interests, new careers and experiences have unfolded. Phone and email connections are great, but they will fade somewhat as time goes by.
     That might be a pessimistic outlook. Perhaps, you are one that works hard at maintaining friendships and it doesn't make a hill of beans where your friends are located. I would dare say that you are more the exception, though. The rest of us are a little lazy and time marches on.
     Sure, there is a void where there once was sharing. Things change and you can remain sad all you want. It's not going to do your mental health any favors. Better still, think of it as there is more to come out of life, and one door must close before another may open. That's the tricky part--the wait and trust that there positively is something different and great on the horizon for you.
     Don't live one more minute without anticipating the surprises that are waiting for you.