Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A daily spring routine

     The wind didn't interfere, nor did the raindrops appear late this afternoon. In fact, the sun beamed as much warmth as it could muster, and the path took me along at its own fast pace. When there is no wildlife in sight -- I am very attentive in the present-- I look closer to the horizon beyond my minuscle place in the world and ponder deeper thoughts. Letting go of the noise, commitments and frenzy are simple enough for me on my walks. It's been a habit of mine. Instead,  I work on body alignment, proper posture and an even stride allowing the flow of energy to move through me unrestricted. A mile or so into nature's place, the fire of boldness bursts forth in power and strength like the breeze of a truck passing along at high speed beside me. Returning home, I sense a satisfaction and accomplishment.