Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Restlessness raises its ugly head

     We all have those days periodically when to no avail we flit from one thing to another and never settle in very well. Fortunately, I don’t face a steady diet of such whirlwind, and oh, my heart goes out to people who have been diagnosed with ADHD. I can’t imagine.
     Today is just one of “them there” out of the blue days, and I am the poster child for working the adventure through uniquely. I will blame it on the winter's strangehold over me. 
     The dictionary calls it restlessness, and defines it as “edginess, tenseness, nervousness,” and on and on and on. To be perfectly frank, I can’t focus enough to read the entire entry.
      I suppose in the larger scheme of things it is all good stuff, and perhaps the invisible wheels are in motion churning things about for productive possibilities that will become clearer later to me. It's a win-win when my brain is active I would think at my age.
     If I were given a dollar for every time that I have been in and out of my seat wasting time (?), then I would become a millionaire on the spot.  I vacuumed for a change of pace, but it didn’t calm me down. I went on to refiling income tax folders. A few phone calls and a couple emails kept me busy for a bit. Boy, it was hard to stay off my Facebook page and Twitter account.
     I guess I will chalk it up as a day that was sunny inside and out, and although I didn’t get any serious writing done and only made dents in revisions, I came through all in one piece.