Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I seriously wonder what some people are thinking


        Our modern world must have a problem of some sort out in the forefront, or folks are  uncomfortable.  This one is as good as any, and more entertaining than most. Perhaps, it brings out the extreme in attitude when there is so little wiggle room for personal freedom anymore.

     I get a belly laugh noticing someone in the dead of winter wearing flip flops bundled up in a North Face parka jumping over a snow mound to get to the sidewalk. There is a shivering chatter to her toothy grin. My first reaction is to say, “yes, it is cold outside and haven’t you noticed recently?”  I butt out and watch the ascent thinking that this person has got to be on the college ski team to be that accurate with her footing. I’m jealous a bit. Sliding down a snowdrift landing on my derirrere is not entertainment that I can chance anymore.

     Go ahead and consider me off my rocker. I am a people watcher to the thirteenth degree, and the more bizarre scene in my estimation, the better. Certainly, I am not ridiculing or condemning at all. It’s curiosity plain and simple, and I go along for the free ride.    

     A youthful tattoo with a boyfriend’s name covering her shoulder blade sends a message to everyone else that this guy is claimed. Will it turn into an adult embarrassment when the guy is no longer in her life? I’ve heard too many stories of the likes. Even though tattoo art is appealing in its designs, I try to imagine how she will explain it to her children years later. Tattoo removal is possible, and might prove to be the best answer when the commitment is over permanently.

      I take a second look when I see a little kid in the mall wearing her brand new Ugg boots with a halter-top in the heat of a sweltering summer day. They must be recently purchased and she can’t wait for school to prance around with them for the world to see her. There is fashion sense to the outfit, and obviously she has noticed more than a few TV starlets doing the identical thing. It doesn’t bother her that her other companions are in regular attire either. And she is her own person. I like that in her spunky self. I’ll give her that in her favor. Other than that, her body must be burning up in sweat tramping along.
     What’s crazier than to see a guy suited up on fashionable Fifth Avenue lugging an expensive designer briefcase wearing a furry bomber hat pulled down over his ears to complement his business attire? Where is he going? To an audition? To a photo shoot?  Anything goes in New York City and I guess I have seen just about everything there through the years. What a mecca for the latest fashion statement and room left over for the occasional 60s hippie!

     I can’t imagine taking a tour through the cobbled streets of Venice without sturdy walking shoes, but the local Italian women adorn the highest of stilettos and get away with it day in and day out. What infuriates me is these females look sleek from head to foot, too, not to mention sexy.

     How I wished that I didn’t appear like a rumpled tourist in my travel clothes identical to every other American on the road. My sensible llbean purse—not an exquisite leather one worth more than my monthly car payment, and my cheap sunglasses conceal my inner thoughts.

     I look twice when I see a teenager in Wal-Mart schlepping along in oversized fuzzy, wuzzy bunny slippers. Apparently from the bedroom in the lounging fleece to the store aisles is all in a night’s way to make shopping a form of entertainment. I am not going to let myself think what I would say if I were her mother. That’s not my business. Of course, what I am doing out at that hour of the night is another thing.

     What makes me chuckle is looking at a miniature dog dresses to the nines complete with bows in her hair in someone’s arms. My eyes go back and forth between owner and pup before I make the connection that they look just a like. When I overhear the conversation and can’t picture where the second person is, I realize that these two gals are out on the town woofing it up together. Here’s hoping that they have a paw- fully good time.

     I could go on and on.  Hair styles, make up and body piercings are worthy of examining. I think that I have made my point. Now it’s your turn to take notice of what strikes your fancy. Don’t take it all too seriously either.