Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Walking with the white tail

I thought that I had become a spohisticated country gal, but I was in for a surprise or two today at a visit to Rush, New York visiting Walking with the White Tail Farm.

 Walk with the White Tails

If you have kids, grandkids or are young at heart, I would suggest that you make a visit to the farm for a couple hours of amazing up close and personal experiences with deer.

This is not a rehab facility for deer, and I understand much better the artificial insemination and  breeding process that the farm undertakes.
It is a very labor intensive amount of work caring and feeding four times a day all the does and bucks. The four babies housed on the porch in crates are bottle fed. Soon they will be put out in the fenced in areas.


The deer were friendly and let me feed them. The loved me by licking my shoulder and hugging me.