Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Irish style of conversation

It's taken me a little time. The thoughts preferred to sift around in my head. All in all that's a positive thing after a lengthy trip.

Today, phrases wanted to come together quickly without a struggle, and I connected ideas into an essay on the art of conversation Irish style. (The full version will be available next week.)

The Irish have it right. They are more interested in sharing opinions to be digested, rather than differences to be confronted when they meet a tourist. That was a welcome relief coming from heated debates between conservative and liberal Americans.

Certainly "stream of consciousness" writing was developed effectively by Irish writers, some of which came to immense fame like James Joyce.  (Incidentally, I've never been able to wade through that giant book.)

Thus I slipped comfortably into conversation wherever I happened to be—pubs, shops and on the street.

I tapped into the cultural warmth of Irish people and embraced it.