Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day trips, discoveries and daydreaming

     Being outside when the summertime temperatures rise brings out the best in all of us. 

     My young friends call these events, "day trips" into adventures close to home, new places to them that they have read about or heard from others. Kudos to their parents for taking on this challenge, too, for it is an example in living well right in their own backyard. These families are sharing a life lesson. Pleasure can be found in the world close at hand if you take the time to look.

     Recently, I took one of those adventures myself into downtown Rochester late on a Saturday afternoon when traffic was light and ironically, folks were escaping city life to play in my neck of the woods instead. I toured all the wall art, and spoke with a few of the artists on new mural projects on Monroe Avenue, the South Wedge and the Public Market. Until then, I never had truly "seen" and "experienced" the messages in stunning colors, shapes and symbols. Normally, I am watching for traffic and in a hurry. They were not excuses for missing this interactive  exploration and coming to my own conclusions.
Beautiful music in praise of life 

 A couple of my favorites were on underpasses on the north side of the city. I thought that both these pieces were exquisite in their tones of gray, black and white. I loved the looks on the neighborhood people walking or riding by wondering why two carloads of friends were taking photos and discussing art in places that they take for granted and hardly notice.

Take my advice and get out there and surprise yourself.