Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blessed box

 Destructive forces —a.k.a. anxieties, fantasy relationships, worldly pursuits —hang out like outlaws split seconds
from a showdown circling the corral of my mind.

Emotions gather like cluster flies on the window ledge
taking up valuable real estate anticipating self-made wishful game plans branded for failure.

An empty tan cardboard box weighing- in under one-half pound
is biding its time— its usefulness yet to be determined.

A giant release latch, the key to the ranch interior,
unlocks my brain pouring out unwanted harmful thoughts before permanent damage results.

Like an overflowing stream flooding Noah’s land, it fills the box to capacity two by two. Tumultuous seas are calmed as if the dove of peace has descended.

Closing the brown flaps, I let go control. Energy is released.
I observe my tightened fingers unfold sealing the edges securely.

I am no longer in charge.
Grateful sigh!
Unshackling freedom from rattling chains spreads lightness.
Hence my heart has room for creativity once again.