Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dump the bucket list of goals

     I powerwalked at a brisk pace in a 5k on Saturday. Sunday I took three laps in the passenger seat on the Watkins Glen International Raceway. That's pretty good for one weekend I would think. 
     People congratulated me. They were curious if I was crossing them off on my "bucket list". 
     No such deal.
    I have no bucket list. I will never have a bucket list. Need I write it a third time?

   The Endless Bucket List is trying to submerse me. I will not take the plunge.
     I fear that I am having a virtual panic attack  (note, the word, “virtual”).  I am being bombarded on Twitter and Facebook with postings. One or other of my acquaintances proudly is crossing off another item on their list to do before they croak. (They are a little more polite about their choice of wording and dance around the thought of life’s end, but truthfully, that’s what they mean.)
     I am going to yell and scream making a dreadful scene before I permit someone else to dictate what I should or shouldn’t do in life before I die. There is no one size fits all to life.
     Here is my warning before things turn ugly: You need to rely on your own inner resources and remain an individual thinker. It may be the harder path, but trust me, it is the more rewarding.       
    Like every other trend, the “followers” of the world allow culture to make the rules. Frequently, they join what they think is an exclusive club, “herd mentality.” I want no parts of it.