Friday, January 25, 2013

Looking back on a book well-done

"AND ONE MORE THING I Brake for Squirrels and Other Thoughts I Have No Doubt About," a collection of essays, was published back in October 2012.
The book is for sale online, and if you happen to see me, I will autograph your copy.

The Wayland Free Library has autographed copies for sale if you ask at the desk.

As a new author, I learned a thing or two about releasing my writing. I let the book go, and didn't cling on to it. 

Once it was gone from my hands, the reader interpreted the words sometimes profoundly different than my original intentions. Writing can be a universal bridge between age groups, classes in society and those with philosophical differences. I enjoy talking to someone and hearing their thoughts. My question to them: “Which was your favorite and why?”

When people were buying second and third copies as gifts, I realized something good was going on and I was energized. I don't claim to be a great writer. I do believe that my writing leaves people with nuggets of truth that furthers them along on life's road.

My book has been read a loud to shut-ins and those in rehab centers stirring memories of times past. Young adults have read the book knowing me as a former teacher that honed their literary skills. 
It has been read on planes destined for Florida, cars leading to North Carolina and commuter trains near Los Angeles. It is housed in a library in Colorado, along with libraries in Wayland, Dansville and Cohocton.Those are only a few that I have been told.

My closest cousin told me that she felt that she has gotten to know me “from the inside out.” I loved that from her.

I even got the nicest letter from a woman close by. She was not someone that I had ever talked with before for any length of time. She took the time to write, and it was appreciated.

I have spoken to several groups of women, and each time I felt that I revealed a little more of myself. Also, I encouraging them to live their dreams, whether it be writing or some other interest.

A great comment came from a couple who told me that they now understand that when they are with me and I become quiet unto myself, I probably am collecting more material for essays.  Yup! They are so right. Read on.