Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog author publishes book of essays

     AND ONE MORE THING I Brake for Squirrels and Other Thoughts I Have No Doubt About is a collection of twenty-four short essays taking you on a journey where you will pause to reflect on the little things in life that you have no doubt about whatsoever.
    Thomas writes on experiences that fit all ages, from the art of social networking, to gently reminding adult children to take back their stuff stored at home.
    Could less be more than enough? Your car’s interior tells your story.
     With an unusual twist of words that will make you laugh, Thomas searches for places of solitude, dines with cowboys, dances with Dick Clark in her dreams and shares closet space with her spouse.
     Kay Thomas has lived in the rural Finger Lakes hills of Western New York for many years. She still explores new places and meets unique people, which she incorporates into her stories. After a successful teaching career of over thirty years, she is pursing opportunities in freelance writing.
     You can find her social commentary column, “…AND ONE MORE THING,” in the Livingston County News.
     AND ONE MORE THING is filled with columns that readers have told Thomas were their favorites. A couple pieces hold special meaning in the author’s heart. Several have not made their way into print.
      To order your copy for $9.99 plus shipping and handling, click this link to take you directly to